By Popular Demand

Date - December 10, 2014 / Author - Kim / Category - Guest Posts

Hello.  My name is Kim and I am Stacy’s sister.  If you are one of Stacy’s personal Facebook friends, you already know that she is hilarious.  And you’ve probably read where numerous people have told her that she should write a blog.  You might even be one of those who have requested it.  Well here it is!!!  After much coercion, she has finally given in.

So as her big sister, it is my job to explain the rules here.  As you may have guessed, Stacy spends a great deal of time making all of our wonderful and delicious cakes.  This doesn’t leave her with as much available time for me (okay, and her family too) as I would like.  So, the main rule of this blog is this… she’ll get to it when she gets to it.  And if you are a fan of her Facebook cake page, you’ll see it posted from time to time.  Otherwise, just relax and wait.  Please do not pressure her about it in the friendly way that people do… “I love your blog.  When are you going to post another one?”  She might just be on a sister date with me and doesn’t have the time at the moment.  Priorities, people!  🙂

That being said, by all means, tell her how much you love it.  Tell her how funny she is and LOL at all of the crazy meanderings she writes about.  Comment away, tell your friends about it and share it on social media (we’ve even added some handy share buttons for you).  She really enjoys the interaction with all of you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.  I’m sure you’ll hear stories of crazy cake weeks, crazy friends, crazy kids and that crazy husband of hers.  Notice the trend here?  There is really no telling what she will write about.  But I’m sure, like me, you are eager to find out.

So without further ado, it is my honor to introduce to you, my sister and my very best friend, The Crazy Cake Lady, Stacy Rogers!!  (the crowd stands and erupts in applause)


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